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Prototyping - Atlanta, GA.

3D printed prototypes of an extruded hinge.

3D printed prototypes of an extruded hinge.


Using the 3D files created in the engineering phase, we can begin to explore a prototype design and which prototyping method is best suited for your project. There are many avenues to explore during this phase with each project having a different end goal for prototyping. Prototyping can be expensive; we guide our clients through this phase and make sure we find the right balance between budget-friendly prototyping and delivering a useful service that allows the client to fully understand the intricacies of the product before placing large production orders. We offer our clients the following services for prototyping (we'll help you choose):

- 3D Printing (SLA, FDM, SLS)
- CNC Machining (Metals, Plastics, Composites)
- Sewing & Pattern Making for Soft Goods
- Laser & Waterjet Cutting
- Sheetmetal Forming & Fabrication
- Low Volume Injection Molding
- Vacuum Cast Urethane
- Cut & Paste Model Making